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Ever wanted to become a surfer???? Now is your chance.

We believe at Long Line Surf School that we try to educate and encourage the lifestyle and that is more than just one beginner surf lesson to just tick the box of “yeah I tried surfing”. Surfing is a bug and once you’re bit that is what your life will revolve around.

Our 4 week course will take you from the very basics so once you have finished you will be more knowledgeable and have a better opportunity to really grasp the skills and techniques needed to become a surfer as well as opening your eyes to a new exciting world waiting to be surfed!! If you have surfed before then this is still a great course as coaching will work off individual basis within our small groups.

Interested, then here is the vital information you will be wondering about:

Adult Surfers Academy (18 years and over)

  • Location: Sea Shed (This is our coffee bar on Benone Beach. It also has hot showers !!)
  • Dates: Saturday 4th, 11th 18th, 24th March Time: Saturdays 12:00pm – 2:30pm

 What do we learn: Well there is a lot to learn but here is an example of what we do every week?

  • Surf Environment
  • Correct Equipment
  • Handling and looking after equipment
  • Weather forecasts and reading maps
  • Skills and Techniques


£70 per person for 4 weeks which includes all equipment needed for the course and 10 hours surfing throughout the course and a FREE hot drink.

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